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Minimal Web Site
Use html, css, a text editor, and photoshop to create a minimal web site (about any topic, not necessarily regularly updated).

Create a directory in your "public_html" folder called "minimal" and upload your project to that directory. Your start page should be labeled "index.html" Your project should appear at http://nm.unca.edu/~youruserid/minimal/


  • all pages hand coded (no Dreamweaver-generated code)
  • you may cut, paste, and repurpose other people's code
  • Each page (images included but not counting html and css code) must be under 30K.
  • Site must contain --
    • home page
    • at least two subsections
    • each of those subsections must have at least two of their own subsections.
    • [so that's 1 home page, at least 2 sub-section pages, and at least 4 sub-sub-section pages, for a total of at least 7 pages. You may have more.]
  • site architecture should look like this:
  • main-------------------------------------
     |                                      |
    level2 (pg 1)--------         level2 (pg 2)---------
        |               |              |               |
    level3 (pg1)   level3 (pg2)   level3 (pg3)   level3 (pg4)
  • each page must have a menu with links to other sections and a link back to the home page.
  • each page must have some sort of "locator" device letting the visitor know where they are within the site.
  • Site should work cross-browser and cross-platform, but not necessarily cross-device (doesn't have to work on phones or pads).

Grading criteria:
1. meets above requirements
2. visual design (fonts, layout, colors, interest)
3. interaction design (menu, navigation, labels, signposts)

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