generative bubblegum card


Bubblegum cards contain the picture of a baseball player on one side of the card, and the statistics of the player on the other side. Generative bubblegum cards automatically refresh every few seconds, creating a near-infinite, ongoing generative collage. Rather than being a picture of an athlete, choose a theme and base your card on that theme.

Here are the original synesthetic bubblegum cards.


create a single card using multiple transparent animated gifs, CSS z-inded layering, HTML sizing and tiling, and a javascript random seed autofresher. name the page "index.html," put it in a folder called "bubblegum," and upload that folder to your "public_html" folder on the student server.


Here is a template that you download and use to get started. (Here is an online example of the template.) You will name your images 0.gif, 1.gif, 2.gif, etc, and place them in the "bubblegum" folder along with your "index.html" file.

Here is an example of the bubblegum cards with looping audio code. [note: it only works online. it won't work on your local computer until you upload it online.]

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