instructor: curt cloninger
email: curt at lab404 dot com
office: Zeis 214. Tuesday + Thursday 11:45-1:15, or by appointment.
location: university of north carolina asheville
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class-specific | history | network | linear | closed | open | resources | student work

rough project calendar*
attendance and grading policies*

major assignments
network project* (+ grant proposal)*
non-linear project*

google image link collage
youTube triptych
xanadu hijack participation
animated gif quilt
surreal quiz
generative bubblegum card
datamoshed/databent video

Understanding Comics (mccloud)
Pause & Effect (meadows)

understanding the web as media: [outline* | presentation*] (cloninger)
net art, web art, online art, net.art* (brøgger)
ten myths of internet art* (ippolito)
world of ends* (searls/weinberger)
vademecum of digital art* (gratin.org)
links to internet art projects and resources (greene, compiler)
the wrong - new digital art biennale (curator: guillo)
net art anthology (rhizome)

net art diagrams: 1997 (mtaa) | 2003 (linkoln) | 2004 (linkoln/jimpunk) | 2007 (mtaa)
| 2008 (bewersdorf) | 2010 (cates) | 2011 [sic] (fino-radin) | 2013 (briz) | 2015 (transcultures.be) | 2016 (leegte) | a brief history of the SNAD (mtaa)
an exploration of various directions in networked art projects* (weil)
introduction to net.art (1994-1999)* (bookchin/shulgin)
21 distinctive qualities of net.art* (ross)
aesthetic conditions of art on the network* (stalbaum)

compression artifacts (curator: citarella)
image objects (vierkant)
cloaque (mate/saez) | about the cloaque IRL project* (galperina)
Can Tumblr Sensation Brad Troemel Find Viral Success IRL? (johnson)
Manifesto for a Theory of the 'New Aesthetic'* (cloninger)

tactical consumption
oliver laric
surf clubs: spirit surfers | loshadka | double happiness | computers club
GogolChat (bruno / jimpunk)
time-lapse homepage (slocum)
Collect the WWWorld: artist as archivist in the internet age (curator: quaranta)
art website sales contract .com (rozendaal)
google's greatest hits (cloninger)
influenced by google* (triangulation blog)
micro-project: google image link collage
micro-project: youTube triptych
of & to the databse* (south)
hacking vrs. defaults* (lonergan)
spirit surfing* (bewersdorf)
Commodify Your Consumption* (cloninger)
The End of Us Versus Them* (troemel)

surreal capitalism
a lossless fail (trecartin)
_MON3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US (curator: zaitsev)
NetVVorth (curator: temkin)
E N E R G Y : P A N G E A
FlowSpotSM (wilson)
Reign of Gold (thiel)

conceptual art as it relates to mtaa's art practice* (mtaa)
own, be owned, or remain invisible (bunting)
form art (shulgin) |
the spleen (szyhalski)
website unseen (mtaa)
shredder 1.0 (napier)
net.flag (napier)
1:1 (2) (jevbratt)
beacon (thompson & craighead)
0100101110101101 works (mattes/mattes)
the european graduate school [under erasure] (cloninger)
the market-o-matic (1.0) [fine arts version] (cloninger)
the xanadu hijack (cloninger)
micro-project: xanadu hijack participation

blackness for sale (obadike)
black people love us (peretti/peretti)
mouchette.org (mouchette)
concentric empathy (fahey)
traffic_report (cloninger et al.)
i love alaska (engelberts/plug) [cf: AOL search data scandal * full list of search terms by user #711391 (scroll down)]
Best Flamewar Ever (stern)
the most wanted paintings on the web (komar and melamid)

the fluxus performance workbook [233K .pdf] (various artists)
1 year performance video [aka samHsiehUpdate] (MTAA)
reading club (abrahams, guez, et al.)
learning to love you more (july/fletcher)
wirefire (harvey/samyn)
human browser (bruno)
wikipedia art (kildall/stern)
double blind [love] (abrahams/cloninger)
in Bb 2.0 (solomon)
infomera.net ephemeral match: redsmoke vs. superbad * jimpunk vs. d2b (curator: constantini)

From "Radical Software" to Netactivism* (dreher)
the yes men
face to facebook (cirio/ludovico) | [cnn essay]
vote auction (baumgartner/extrem)
avante garde - transfigured or dead* (maver)

why have there been no great net artits* (dietz)
a digital quilt project (cloninger et al.)
micro-project: animated gif quilt
craiglistmirrors (oglander)
the letter project (frank)
FOUND Magazine
Cold Bacon Groupdraw Super Public (cold bacon et al.)
the million dollar home page (tew)
What happens if you ask Google Images what's most similar, starting with a blank image, repeating the process 2951 times? (schmieg)

mass media vs. art media* (magden)
writing with images* (dillon)

i can't stop thinking* (mccloud)
carl (mccloud)
when i am king (demian.5)
nosepilot (sacui)
august strindberg & helium (paek, bradley, bewley)
hero (hwei)
l'faux (paek)
the boy (mumbleboy)
strongbad email (the brothers chaps)

not comics
The Fall of the Site of Marsha (wittig/king/valicenti)
electric posters (szyhalski)
bembo's zoo (de Vicq de Cumptich)
young-hae chang heavy industries (chang)
stop motion studies (crawford)
chroma (loyer)
oculart (lillemon)
the fragile circus (campbell)
playdamage (cloninger)
prototype #19 (sodeoka)
micro-project: datamoshed/databent video

linear plot pyramid* (freytag)
3 non-linear "plot" structures* (meadows)
agency* (murray)
interaction and narrative lecture: interactive, storytelling, cross channel, user experience* (arnall)

michel gondry videos
come into my world
sugar water
the denial twist

hypertext literature
hypertext gardens* (bernstein)
victory garden [abridged] (moulthrop)
hyper hypertext* (saul)
grammatron (amerika)
hypertextual consciousness 1.0* (amerika)
clicking for godot* (rosenberg)
A Dark Journey Into A Killer's 'Personal Effects'* (hutchins/weisman)
surreal quizzes
Jane Dark's Emotion Criteria Exam (marcus)
NODATA (donwood/radiohead)
The Will Power Clinic (szyhalski)
starfish exams (stanton)
The 4th Replacement Search (elk)
micro-project: Surreal Quiz

hypermedia literature
my boyfriend came back from the war (lialina)
the hard way (ritchie)
graphik dynamo (armstrong/tippett)
the lair of the marrow monkey (loyer)
world of awe: traveler's journey (kanarek)
filmtext (amerika)
what we will (perring/waite/cayley/cape)
otnemem (webflow solutions/musth design)
requiem for a dream (hi-res)
how i was played by online caroline* (walker)
memex engine (lafia et al.)
guest house | rental house | terminal house (GUMP)

expressive characters/environments
Arcangel Constantini [automatic drawings]
the shy picture (reeders/macleod)
reverse flash back (jimpunk)

fugal narrative
a round in part: tracing the countours of fugal narrative (curator: cloninger)
geeks inadvertently making net art* (cloninger)

ghost in the machine: the marriage of software & art (curator: cloninger)

generative texts
Hundred Thousand Billion Poems (queneau)
Names and Naming Tool Center (curator: noemata)
random name generator | abstract art titlegenerator (noemata)
Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator
wtf is my mashup | wtf is my social media strategy
postmodernism generator | SCIgen

generative software
mitchell whitelaw interview* (whitelaw/prudence)
Conceptual Art and Software Art: Notations, Algorithms and Codes* (dreher)
the aesthetics of generative code* (cox/mclean/ward)
the aesthetics of programming* (napier)
the nature of code* (shiffman)
CODeDOC (curator: paul)
generator.x* (watz)
processing [software | examples | more examples] (reas/fry)
time().mt_rand (noemata)
re-move | liaworks.com | wofbot (lia)
singlecell/doublecell (levin et al.)
soundtoys.net (stanza et al.)
runme.org [software art repository]

fake generative
transCRYPTion (cloninger) [about the project (abrahams)]
seeing double (various artists)
on lying* (cloninger)

database as a symbolic form* [.rtf file. same as chapter 5, part 1 in Language of New Media] (manovich)
synesthetic bubblegum cards (cloninger)
micro-project: Generative Bubblegum Card
i know where your cat lives (mundy)
we feel fine (harris/kamvar)
random access mortality (mtaa)
textArc (paley)
robot flaneur (bridle)
bicycle built for 2,000 (koblin/massey)
concrete poetry generator (norridge)
visual complexity (curator: lima)

immersive art on the web* (samyn/galloway)
realtime art manifesto* (harvey/samyn)
unity game engine | documentation
world of world of warcraft (onion news network)
tale of tales (harvey/samyn)
i made this. you play this. we are enemies (nelson)
auditorium (cipher prime studios)
samorost ( 1 * 2 * 3 ) / machinarium
purposefully futile gaming
the graveyard (harvey/samyn)
is it time? (fraina)
dinner date (stout games)
Rafaël Rozendaal | Angelo Plessas
works while you sleep! (bowers)
christian | budhist | atheist (frank)
AI gaming
ELIZA (weizenbaum)

supplementary texts
archiving net art* (tribe)
curating on the web* (dietz)
Collecting New Media Art: Just Like Anything Else, Only Different* (dietz)
Challenges for a Ubiquitous Museum: Presenting and Preserving New Media* (paul)
fluidities and oppositions among curators, filter feeders, and future artists* (schleiner)
Lost in Translation. Or, bringing Net Art to another Place ? pardon, Context.* (quaranta)
Bibliography: Curating (New) Media and Internet-based Art (editors: ochrieser, kargl,thalmair)
internet art* (greene)
at the edge of art* (blais/ippolito)
new media art* (tribe/jana)
rethinking curating* (graham/cook)
neuromancer* (gibson)
expanded cinema* [4.6M .pdf] (youngblood)
jimmy corrigan (ware)
griffin & sabine trilogy (bantock)

bitStreams (whitney)
artPort (whitney)
gallery9 (walker)
010101 (sfmoma)
computer fine arts
ars electronica
variable media network
the wrong

_playGnd (briz) | How To Make Interactive And Generative Animations Using WebGL* (briz)
photo to ascii text converter
flowchart/site map software
ExtraFile (asendorf)
processing.js (resig et al.)
Free Automatic Page Refresher
YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters*
EmbedShit (OKFocus)
How to Disable Image Smoothing in Modern Web Browsers* (johnson)

class collabs

individual work
Andrew Allen: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Janice Andrews: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Kayla Dunn: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Mary Beth Eisenstadt: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Kaitlyn Flint: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Alex Fresa: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Erica Jenkins: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Barry Orvin: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Maddie Pesce: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Ben Pope: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Stephanie Sigmon: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Nara Smith: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Rachel Van Noordt: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Lydia Ward: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Nate Wilcox-Pettit: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear
Dale Wright: triptych | quiz | network | bubblegum card | nonlinear