NEW MEDIA RESEARCH (Belgium + Netherlands)
instructor: curt cloninger
email: curt at lab404 dot com
office: Zeis 214
location: abroad + university of north carolina asheville

class-specific | visits, readings/artwork, questions

rough project calendar
attendance and grading policies

major assignments
* 10 daily response essays
* theory analysis and response paper

writing resources
common problems with student papers
unc writing center handouts [nb: argument and thesis statements] (UNC)
the citation machine (warlick)

JUNE 1 (Brussels):
Atomium (outside)
{no readings}
* Day 1 Discussion Questions

JUNE 2 (Brussels):
Comic Strip Museum // Brussels Musical Instrument Museum
Understanding Comics: Chapter 1: "Setting the Record Straight" and the first two pages of Chapter 2: "The Vocabulary of Comics" (McCloud)
120 Years of Electronic Music (Crab) [read about any 5 instruments prior to 1920].
* Day 2 Discussion Questions

JUNE 3 (Brussels):
Magritte Museum // iMAL Maker Festival
This is Not a Pipe: Chapter 4: "Burrowing Words" and Chapter 6: "Nonaffirmative Painting" (Foucault)
* Day 3 Discussion Questions

JUNE 4 (Brussels):
Argos Center for Art + Media // Atomium (inside)
view: Jacques Derrida interview from Ghost Dance (Derrida/Ogier/McMullen)
* Day 4 Discussion Questions

JUNE 5 (Antwerp):
Mode Museum of Fashion // Antwerp Cathedral of Our Lady
view: Jacolby Satterwhite Dances with His Self
view: video documentation "The Dolls" (Hart)
Purchase and play at least one Tale of Tales game
Real Time Art Manifesto (Harvey/Samyn)
* Day 5 Discussion Questions

JUNE 6 (Rotterdam):
V2 Center for Unstable Media (with Rosa Menkman)
view: The Collapse of PAL [part one] (Menkman)
Glitch Studies Manifesto (Menkman)
* Day 6 Discussion Questions

JUNE 7 (Rotterdam):
Fotomuseum // Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art
On Photography: Chapter 1: "In Plato's Cave" (Sontag)
surf at least three JoDi projects
IDN by JODI (Galloway)
* Day 7 Discussion Questions

JUNE 8 (Amsterdam):
MediaLAB Amsterdam // STEIM (Studio for Electro Instrumental Music)
view: Wim Crouwel interview
view: Experimental Jetset interview + surf experimentaljetset.nl
120 Years of Electronic Music (Crab) [read about any 5 instruments between 1921-1939]
view: Chris Carter interview
* Day 8 Discussion Questions

JUNE 9 (Amsterdam):
EYE Film Institute // FOAM Photo Museum @ Museum van Loon
Eternity In An Instant: The Moving Images of David Craford (Cloninger)
Camera Lucida: Chapter 5: "He Who Is Photographed" (Barthes)
* Day 9 Discussion Questions

JUNE 10 (Amsterdam):
Institute for Network Cultures (with Geert Lovink) // De Appel Arts Center
The ABC of Tactical Media (Garcia/Lovink)
* Day 10 Discussion Questions

JUNE 11 (Amsterdam):
Stedelijk Museum
Commodify Your Consumption (Cloninger)
* Day 11 Discussion Questions

JUNE 12 (Amsterdam):
{no readings}
* Day 12 Discussion Questions