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Use whatever software necessary to build either an online portfolio site or a video demo reel showcasing your work. (Optional: Design and print at least 20 copies of a business card that relates to your site/reel in some thematic way.)

For the site, put all your files in a folder labeled "portfolio" and upload it to the "sites" directory of your nm server space (or acquire a personal domain name and host your site on a private server). Make sure your first page is called "index.html"

For the reel, burn it to a DVD-ROM and submit it on the portfolio due date. Or upload it to the appropriate google drive folder for the class, and give me a note in class telling me it's there.

1. Site must work in multiple browsers on multiple platforms.
2. Site must include logo and multiple sub-sections.
3. Reel must have an intro and extro which contain your brand and contact information.
4. Reel must be long enough to showcase your work, but no longer than 6 minutes.
5a. Optional: Business card must include site URL (even if you haven't secured the domain name yet), logo, and some sort of contact information.
5b. Business card design and site/reel design must be related in some visual (and hopefully conceptual) way.

Grading criteria:
1. completion (how finished is it? how well does it accomplish the stated goals of your creative brief?)
2. visual design (typography, structure, color, visual interest)
3. interaction design OR time-based design (sensible menu system, intuitive navigation, clear labels and signposts, balanced architecture, interactive interest OR pacing, synching, narrative arc, conceptual/formal transitions)
4. professionalism & execution (software mastery, media resolution & quality, level of completion, suitability of design to work)

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