Written Book Report Assignment

Late Policy:	All late papers will receive one letter grade off per day 
		late (this includes weekends).

Length:	4-6 Pages hand written on WIDE RULED LOOSELEAF PAPER.
	Write on every other line.  (In other words, write on a 
	line, then skip a line, then write on the next line, then 
	skip a line, etc.)
	No less than 4 full pages, no more than 6 full pages.  
	Do not write on the back.  
	If you type, still type on every other line.  Your typed 
	paper should be about 1.5 - 3 pages.

Content:	I.  Introduction (1 Paragraph)
		     A.  It should include all of the following...
			 1. the TITLE of the book
			 2. the AUTHOR'S NAME
			 3. the SETTING of the book (where it takes place)
			 4. the MAIN IDEA of the entire book (what the 
			    book is about).
		     B.  It should include some CLEVER ATTENTION-GETTING QUOTE
 			 OR COMMENT.  (This is to 'hook' your reader 
			 into the paper, to get him interested in what you 
			 have to say.)
		     C.  It should include a THESIS SENTENCE.  A thesis 
			 sentence is a sentence which previews how your 
			 paper will be organized and what it will be about.

		II. Body (2-4 Paragraphs)
		     A.  The body is a summary of the plot of the book.  
			 It should include all of the following...
			 1.  The names of the MAIN CHARACTERS, who they 
			     are, and their traits (what they are like).
			 2.  The FIRST PROBLEM (the first main event 
			     of conflict).
			 3.  An explanation of the CONFLICT in the story
			     a. Man against Man
			     b. Man against a power greater than himself
			     c. Man against himself
			 4.  The RISING ACTION (main incidents which lead 
			     to the climax)
			 5.  The CLIMAX of the story (The climax of the 
			     story is the high point of the whole story 
			     where the conflicts are resolved).
			 6.  The FALLING ACTION (incidents which occur 
			     after the climax.  How the story is 'wrapped up.')
		     B.  The body should include all the information your 
			 thesis sentence said it would include.

		III.Conclusion (1 paragraph)
		     A.  Briefly restate the plot of the story (as in 
		         your thesis statement).
		     B.  EVALUATE the story (give your personal opinion 
			 of the story).
			 1.  Did you like the story?  Why or why not?
			 2.  Was the story effective?  Did the author 
			     achieve his purpose?  How or how not?
			 3.  Was the story well written?  Give some 
			     examples of how it was or was not.
			 4.  Don't just give your opinion, but support 
  			     your opinion with examples from the book.
		     C.  End with a clever, intelligent last sentence 
			 that ties your paper together and leaves your reader 
			 impressed.  (Go out with a bang, not a whimper.)

Grading Procedure:  

Proper Length	 				(20 Points)
Spelling, Grammar, Style, Format 		(10 Points)
Concise, clever introduction 			(10 Points)
Vivid character description 			(10 Points)
Insightful explanation of conflict 		(10 Points)
Rising Action (should include many 
   incidents, not just ones from the 
   beginning and ending of the story) 		(10 Points)
Climax (how conflict is resolved)		(10 Points)
Falling Action					(10 Points)
Intelligent evaluation in conclusion 		(10 Points)

Write NAME, CLASS, DATE, and "Book Report" in top left hand
corner, as you would with any other assignment (do not skip lines on this
part).  Then skip one line down, center your TITLE, and underline it. 
Your title should include the name of the book and a phrase in your own
words that sums up the book.  For example -- 

       Beauty and the Beast:  There's More to Love than Meets the Eye

Then skip another line down from the title and begin your report.