Mr. Cloninger's Classroom Behavior Rules

1.  	Be in your seat when class begins, or you are tardy.  

2.	Bring all necessary books and supplies to class every day.  

3.	Leave your seat only when permitted.

4.	Talk only when permitted.

5.	Be kind to all, in word and deed.

6.	No food or drinks in the classroom (yes, gum is food).

7.	If you deface a piece of furniture or a wall, you will be 
	assigned a time to clean all the furniture.

8.	Cheating or helping others to cheat will result in a zero for the 
	cheater and the cheater's helper.

9.	Put trash in the trash can only at the end of class.

10.	The bell at the end of class does not dismiss you, I dismiss 
	you.  Remain in your seat until you are dismissed.

11.	If you are absent, then you must make up the work you missed 
	within the number of days which you were absent.  In other words, if 
	you miss 2 days, then you have 2 days to turn in the homework you
	missed during those 2 days.  This same policy pertains to making up
	tests and quizzes.  It is your responsibility to find out which
	assignments you missed and to do them.

12.	All late papers will receive one letter grade off per day late 
	(this includes weekends).