The Free Gift

I.  Intro

Talk about Love of God

1.  If it's the main thing, then why isn't it preached on the most?
2.  It's as if we graduate from the love and grace of God.
	But I don't see a salvation book and then an advanced do-
	gooder book.
	The entire Bible is about the grace and love of God.
3.  So whenever I get to talk, I like equal the balance and talk about 

II.  Shake Fist at me -- Give Candy

1.  Did they earn the candy?
	Not a paycheck, a gift.
2.  Was there any precedent for me to give them the candy?
	Tuesday night PTF
3.  Can they do anything to cause me to take the candy back?
	No, I gave it to them at their worst.

III.  Romans 5:6-11

1.  The ungodly/ while we were yet sinners --
	A.  God gave us the candy while we were still shaking our fists.
	B.  God did not make me worthy and then die for me.  (If so, I 	  
	  	wouldn't need him to die for me).  Powerless.  Stuck in 	
	C.  God died for me to make me worthy.
	D.  God does not love me because I am saved.
	     God does not love me because of the blood of Jesus.
	     God does not love me because of all the good I do now that I 
		am saved.
	E.  The amazing initiative and creativity of God's love:  He didn't 
		have to do it.  Actually, he had to kill us.  No one had ever 
		done anything like it before.  (Satan hates it.  "You can't 
		do that.  Wait.")
	F.  We are the recipients of this great love.

	G.  P.S.  God loves unsaved sinners right now as much as he 
		loves us.

2.  Now how much more so.
	A.  If he gave salvation while we shook our fists, how are we 
		going to lose his love now?
	B.  Example:  A lady pardons, houses, clothes, and feeds her 
		son's murderer.  But then she kicks him out for burping 
		at the table.

Boasting is excluded.  We are all lucky to get in at all.  So pray for 
your brothers and sisters.  Don't be proud.  Love everyone.