FLTR 1.0 <double-minded version>


1. Spiritualized: Stop Your Crying
2. Iconlogic: trikala
3. m9ndfukc: punk.protokol.999o

4. violentnation: familyiiawah

5. Stereolab: radio mix 1

6. Jean-Luc Lamarque: Pianographique


Spiritualized: Stop Your Crying:

This spiritualized video is so happy-making.  It's all mellow and 
slow motion, with orchestral accompaniment.  Then the orchestra 
members smash their instruments, kind of like Art of Noise, but much 
more posh and angsty.  And of course the rock musicians just stand in 
the front stoically, amidst the chaos.  Maybe they play this video on 
MTV all the time.  How should I know?  Anyway, what would it matter? 
Groovy is as groovy does.

I got this same Spiritualized CD and also Portishead's Live in NYC 
this week.  That's two rock CD's with orchestral accompaniment. 
Neither surpass Neil Young's _Harvest_, but then what does?


Oh marylou won't you tell me what to do
I got a dollar on the corner and a laser in my shoe
If I don't get an answer gonna split myself in two

double-minded #1:


Iconlogic: trikala

This is a great example of the weird new hybrid genre of Flash and 
film.  This particular movie is about a guy who is having a dream, 
then he wakes up and reads a book that turns into these 
Lichtenstein-looking vectors.  "Trikala" is similar in mood and 
technique to this earlier piece by the World Domination Design Group 
<http://anamorph.wddg.com/>  Except "trikala" is not as dark, which 
makes it even more creepy.  View these movies at their highest 
resolutions if you can.  It's all about resolution, detail, and 
execution, so the fidelity does make a difference.  Graphic design 
demo/promo work as art.  Did I say "art"?  It would appear so now, 
wouldn't it?


six of one, half dozen of the other.

double-minded #2:


m9ndfukc: punk.protokol.999o

This is old NN stuff, and 11.4 M at that.  If you can't take the 
heat, get out of the fast lane.  What's not to respect?  So many 
people talk so much theory and cyber-cyborg crap.  NN talks that 
stuff too, but then she (as in "the ship of state" she) delivers.  It 
could have been optimized to be less than 11.4 M, but then that's yet 
another thing punk about it.  It was probably just saved straight 
from max/nato in quicktime format and called into an html page. 
Compare it to "trikala" above.  If "trikala" represents a _Fifth 
Element_ future of beautiful, chromium-sheen distortion; this piece 
is like a _Sid and Nancy_ future of fuzz, crackle, puke, and 
overload.  "Trikala" is Radiohead's _Kid A_, "punk.protokol.999o" is 
The Velvet Underground's _White Light / White Heat_.

I realize NN fancies the art deco stylings of _Metropolis_, and maybe 
that's an underlying persona guide or something.  But the output is 
pure Lou Reed.  "A drug hit Sally inside" -- Looped on 11 


A man of my mind can do anything.

double-minded #3:


violentnation: familyiiawah

It's just a messed up exquisite corpse collab where you start off 
with a picture, and then the next person tweaks it and passes it on, 
etc.  This one is cool because it's comprised neither of the "graphic 
ds9r/ check my photoshop skillz" crowd, nor the "ascii art/ can't 
really do anything but am terribly thoughtful" crowd.  It's just your 
standard goofy anarchic fun.

The project includes such "notables" as:
lew baldwin <http://www.redsmoke.com>
ben benjamin <http://www.superbad.com>
terbo ted <http://www.sketchzilla.com>
pud <http://www.fuckedcompany.com>

So far "familyiiawah" has subsumed an "Eye of the Tiger on Easter 
Island as policed by CHIPS" vibe, but it's not over yet.

The project is open, but you've got to somehow convince the guy at 
violentnation that you are worthy to handle such explosive devices 
(cf: <http://www.redmenace.za.net/ladiesweapons/> )  Good luck, and 
may the force be with you.


Understanding the Web as Media

The outline:

The talk:


Stereolab: radio mix 1

"Here for your listening pleasure is a compilation of some songs and 
sounds that we like, hope you like them too."

Streaming net radio mix from the band that somehow convinced an 
entire generation of twenty-something groovers that lounge music was 
def.  Dubbed by Eryk Salvaggio as "the first band to aesthetically 
withstand the blow of the 9/11 attacks" (I'm grossly 
mis-paraphrasing), Stereolab is no mere fad at which to be sneezed. 
Especially since they are now produced by Jim O'Rourke, who is from 
Chicago and collaborates regularly with Sonic Youth, so you know he's 
got to be cool.  Jim's best production work, incidentally, is on 
Edith Frost's _Calling Over Time_ 
just in case you were wondering.

And the new DJ Spooky?  Yeah, the new DJ Spooky.


Fresh Styles for Web Designers

The book:

The outline:


Jean-Luc Lamarque: Pianographique

Of all the interactive multimedia autogenerative web things, this is 
one of the best.  Like several previously designed web audio engines 
<http://www.amontobin.com>, "Pianographique" is controlled by 
keyboard taps.  Hitting the "d" key might trigger a snare.  Hitting 
the "b" key might start a bass loop.  But the keys not only trigger 
audio, they trigger correspondent video behaviors as well.  Mouse 
clicks and drags further modify the video on some earlier modules. 
"Compulsion" and "Angular Entropy" are the coolest modules.  "Angular 
Entropy" combines house music with the iconographic vector sharding 
of todays rad web ds9rz <http://www.designgraphik.com>.  "Compulsion" 
is jazz sounds wed with groovy 50s and 60s retro-layouts in the style 
of various jazz CD covers.

The only thing that maybe comes close to this kind of multimedia 
interactive control online is http:www.ambientmachines.com  But 
pianographique is much more responsive and explosive.  Amaze your 
friends.  Tease animals.  You won't want to put it down.

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