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1. dr. coFFice: photo.album

2. meta.am: arc

3. david carson: temporary portfolio

4. shepard fairey: the design is kinky interview


dr. coFFice: photo.album

dr. coFFice is a spectre from the days of dreamless.org.  He might fairly be
called the NN of web ds9r circles, except he's less post-human Marlene Dietrich
and more post-smack William Burroughs.  dr. coFFice has developed a linguistic
vocabulary that centers largely around cheese.  crust, hump, moldy, his
mother-in-law, and several other interesting expletives also figure heavily
into the rhetoric that is coFFice.  He has spoken at the New Media Underground
Festival (missed that one), maintains two web sites, and posts sporadically to
various bulletin boards.

However the good doctor's best output is a public online photo album that he
maintains at altsense.net.  Most photo albums at altsense contain lomography
and personal shots from various members of the altsense community, numbering 50
or 60 images per album at most.  Whereas, dr. coFFice's images total 820. 
(There will be more there tomorrow.)  He has a wrist cam, so the images start
off pretty lo-res (and borderline voyeuristic) to begin with.  Then he tweaks
them somehow, inserting visual noise, animations, abstract colors, etc.  Many
of these image sets are actually quite gorgeous in their own distorted way.

But the most bizarre thing about this collection is not the abstract images. 
It's not even the dada-esque titles which accompany the images -- usually
focusing on cheese, crust, humping, and New York (aka "F U City").  It's the
sheer volume of this collection that boggles the mind.  Such titanic devotion
to something that for all intents and purposes means nothing whatsoever
registers way high on my punk-o-meter.

give me the lemoned water: oh hell0 himpy: a.m. coffeetime in effect. coFFee
time is fun. coffetime is humpy. coffeetime in cool weather. coffetime with
poached eggies. coffeetime in terra cotta mug. coffeetime forever:...


My 5 favorite punk things, in 3 easy installments:



meta.am: arc

This is free downloadable/standalone software for the mac (so sorry) that
tweaks .mov files.  You start with a source quicktime file, open it in the arc
software, and then begin clicking around on the movie.  The software feeds back
whatever color you clicked on, distorting the entire quicktime loop.  Click on
the newly distorted loop again, and it feeds back yet more.  The idea, I
assume, is to perpetrate increasing iterations of kludginess, all in that
neo-mod meta.am freestyle we've come to know and [g]love.

It's not Max software, but then it's not $500 either.  Burroughs and Gysin
hypothesized that if you cut into the present, the future might somehow leak
out.  Maybe so; probably not.  At least here, we can cut into the digital and
watch the analog leak out.  


Somewhere between Ornette Coleman and an industrial strength dryer:



david carson: temporary portfolio

Ha Ha Ha.  David Carson, famous grunge/surf graphic designer, is punk.  Yep. 
Sorry.  Punk knows no bounds, and being capitalistic is often one of the most
punk things one can do (especially when it's politically incorrect).  This is
just a ton of samples of Carson's work over the years.  No single piece says
punk, but the fact that one person came up with all this different stuff,
singlehandedly changing the face of late 20th century print design is punk.

You'll reconginze Microsoft ad campaigns, Nine Inch Nails CD covers, Bush CD
covers, and even newly re-designed McLuhan editions.  Most of this work looks
offhand and easily accomplished.  Until you find yourself staring at a blank
screen trying to come up with yet another original design solution.  Trendy?
Pop? Commercial?  Yeah, yeah.  Whatever, Ingmar.


One thing I know for sure: you're heroes always die:



shepard fairey: the design is kinky interview

"I'm about the fear. The heartbeat increase. The arm hairs standing up. The
encounter with things on the street whether it's people or the idea of some
residue from a person that actually has a tactile presence."

"I judge my worth by output. Tangible output. I'm always measuring the success
of what I'm doing by output."

Shepard Fairey has a posse.

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