internet-based art

background | network-specific | linear comics/animation | closed interactivity | open interactivity

net art, web art, online art,* (brøgger)
ten myths of internet art* (ippolito)
21 distinctive qualities of* (ross)
world of ends* (searls/weinberger)

simple net art diagram (mtaa)
complex net art diagram (linkoln)

own, be owned, or remain invisible (bunting)
form art (shulgin)
shredder 1.0 (napier)

blackness for sale (obadike)
black people love us (peretti/peretti) (mouchette)
diaryU (penney)
traffic_report (cloninger et al.)

the fluxus performance workbook [233K .pdf] (various artists)
website unseen (mtaa) (®™ark)
the yes men (various artists)
vote auction (baumgartner/extrem)

outsider art
a digital quilt project (cloninger et al.)
the letter project (zefrank)
deep/young ethereal archive: (various artists)
deep/young ethereal archive: dys.koncept.ual_kontest (various artists)

exploding dog (brown)
when i am king (demian.5)
fun fun fun (robinson)
nosepilot (sacui)
august strindberg & helium (paek, bradley, bewley)
l'faux (paek)
the boy (mumbleboy)
bubblesoap (jotto)

not comics
the perfect artistic web site (young-hae chang heavy industries)
stop motion studies (crawford)
oculart (lillemon)
playdamage (cloninger)
prototype #19 (sodeoka)

hypertext literature
victory garden [abridged] (moulthrop)
hypertextual consciousness 1.0* (amerika)
hypertext gardens* (bernstein)

hypermedia literature
on the night of mr. melvyn's murder (kremer/toke/kristensen/mschmidt)
my boyfriend came back from the war (lialina)
the fall of the site of marsha (wittig/king/valicenti)
the lair of the marrow monkey (loyer)
world of awe (kanarek)
otnemem (webflow solutions/musth design)
online caroline (bevan/wright) | how i was played by online caroline* (walker)
memex engine (lafia et al.)
superbad (benjamin)

generative/reactive software
ghost in the machine: the marriage of software and art* (cloninger)

synesthetic bubblegum cards (cloninger)
random access mortality (mtaa)
201: a space algorithm (mccoy/mccoy)
textArc (paley)

wirefire (harvey/samyn)
sixteenpages (harvey/samyn)
(* indicates a text object)