I just got your stuff. I like it. I think it's legitimate.

Technically/aesthetically, I love your audio. The similarity between the spokes and the dripping water in the "middle vision" piece is particularly pleasant.

I like that your work is personal, although I don't get the politics of the last piece because I don't know my history. But "pinnochio/pinochet/penis" is clear enough. Reconciling history + memory as a means of personal exorcism.

I like the etymological/bilingual emphasis of your work. In that sense it's very "root" -- focused on unearthing core/primary/underlying meanings. Although definitely sensorial, your work is still primarily linguistic/poetic. That you've developed a unique filmic language as an x-ray tool to see into and expose the heart of "the text" seems to me the hack/art of it.

I'm bothered by the technical differences in resolution between the new videotape footage and the newsreel edits (maybe that's the point vis "magnetic tape"), but the sequences with the knife on the cassette and the naked crawling are a bit too videotape crisp for me. Perhaps it's just the result of the equipment you had access to at the time.

I would have liked to have seen the installation. Yes, it's conceptual, but I bet I would have gotten it well enough without having to read the artist statement (which to me is a key criterion for validity).