To: abuse@pair.com
From: Curt Cloninger
Subject: Re: Unauthorized Use


M_ and I have been in dialogue about this issue over the last several days. The image in quesiton is not hosted on my site, nor is it stored on pair's server. I'm merely linking to the image from a page on my site.

The image itself resides here:

The page on my site that links it is here:

M_ was not able to track down the creator of the image to even discover whether he has a license or not. He may yet have a licence.

Even if he doesn't have a licence, my site is a non-profit collaborative art project. No money is being made off of this image, and its use is probably fair in this context.

Below, M_ requests "that you remove... the photographic files from your server." The photographic files do not reside on your server.

I have enjoyed fair and reasonable hosting service from pair networks over the last four years. I am a web designer who has used pair networks to host my client's sites, and I hope to be able to continue to recommend your services to future clients. If you remove my site due to this one instance of corporate saber rattling, that will be truly unfortunate.

Please get back to me before the three days is up.

Curt Cloninger