Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 16:32:55 EDT
To: Curt Cloninger
From: abuse@pair.com
Subject: Re: Unauthorized Use


Under the DMCA, links to copyrighted materials are also considered unauthorized use. So, you still have to take it down. Your only other option, if you can't work things out with M_, is to file the counter claim as described in my notice to you earlier. That will result in the link being removed for 10 days, but will force the complaining party to file a suit to pursue this matter further. The danger there being of course, that if they do file suit and win, you will be responsible for their court fees.

So, I must advise you to work this issue out, or remove the link from your site. We do not cherish shutting down access for our customers, but we must follow the law.

C_ C_
pair Networks' Abuse Dept.