To: _@gettyimages.com
From: Curt Cloninger
Subject: a copyright story
Cc: M_ W_

R_ M_
Vice President of Corporate Communications
Getty Images, Inc.

Ms. M_,

Here is a series of correspondences that occurred between M_ W_ (Getty License Compliance Specialist), myself, and Pair Networks, the company that hosts my web site:

My visitor logs indicate that yesterday alone these correspondences were read by over 2,700 people -- graphic designers visiting from http://www.k10k.net, http://www.surfstation.lu, and http://www.rhizome.org. In short, potential or current Getty customers.

There were subtleties involved in this instance that Getty failed to consider. M_ broke off dialogue with me early, leaving many of my questions unanswered. She contacted Pair Networks without any prior warning to me. She told Pair Networks that a copyrighted photographic file resided on their server, when she herself knew that the file in question resided on someone else's server.

Is shooting minnows with a shotgun really in Getty's best interest?

Curt Cloninger