help me plan my vacation


After some deliberation, we are going with 1. Top Left (Nature Lover's Retreat). We'll be gone from Sept. 2-9. Thanks to all who participated. It actually helped.

1. Top Left: 3   2. Top Middle: 1   3. Top Right: 3
4. Bottom Left: 3   5. Bottom Middle: 0   6. Bottom Right: 6

6.I vote for #6. Assuming Caroline is going- Being a father of small ones, I would take the one on ground level. No energy need be expended on 1. worrying Caroline might could fall through those porch rails made before Federal Regulations stating they only be a small space apart, and 2. keeping Caroline off the porches so she doen't fall off.
Besides all leaves will be out, no view for the trees in the summer...fall and winter a different story.

3 & 6. i would take the 3 or 6. probably 6 if you aren't taking me with you, but 3 if you are because of the # of bedrooms.
give me a call.

2 & 4. Wow what a difficult decision. I looked at all the choices. The following is my assessment- They will all have great views and hiking- it is NC after all. So, that is not really an issue.

The houses all seems very nice featuring many amenities and character. In this situation (where it would seem that there are no bad decisions just maybe a best decision) I would say get the most for your money. But let's put that philosophy aside for a moment.

My first impulse was to say 2 & 4. Number 2 looks like it would be the perfect combination of a luxurious vacation experience coupled with full access to fabulous outdoor activity. You get 2 decks with 2 different views. It is a bit on the large side though. And all the bedrooms are on separate floors. These things might prove to be more of a hassle than a luxury.

But number 4 gives you all of the good stuff and there is a CD player listed in the amenities. Also 4 is a bit more cost effective than 2. (And there is a 180 degree view.)

Of these two choices, I think number 4 would be my final answer. Ultimately, I think you would do just as well to put all the choices in a hat and pick one. That might be kindof fun.

3. I am going to have to go with number 3.

I hate wasted motion. All the other places have huge steps that must be traversed in order to get the essentials into the homestead---hence, wasted motion. I mean, it is a vacation. If'n you want exercise, save it for the mountain biking/hiking.

Carry On. That is all.

1 & 4. I'd go with the top left cuz it looks cool. But then the bottom left was awesome cuz it was raised up like that. You're weird Curt.

6. Hot tubs are great!! We vacationed in a bed and breakfast over the Easter weekend up near Laurel Springs. They had a hot tub. We liked it so much that we now have one! After a long hike a hot tub is hard to beat.

3.I think the A frame looks most interesting. Wow, what fun! Have a blast.

1 & 6. You are so weird .... and that's a supreme compliment. Okay ... i vote for either number 1 ... the rushing stream sounded good or number six.

0. In my experience of screwing up and planning vacations, I would do the opposite, which is....I would ask Julie where SHE wants to go and go there (maybe you'll score)

PS This is sincere and not smartass (especially the part about scoring)

1 & 4. They all look good, almost heaven and nature lovers, I guess. I would live in any of them in a minute.

6. I didn't have time to look through them all but My friend lives in Sylva, NC and she loves it. It is pretty much in the middle of nowhere but it is pretty, I visited her there a couple of years ago.

6. I'd be inclined to this one because it's the only one that doesn't expressly prohibit smoking! Besides that, hot tubs are nice, as are fireplaces and air-con. Sounds like there would be some great hiking around there.