Pop Mantra Series

Pop Mantra is a series of performances where I perpetually perform a short excerpt from a different pop song for several hours, usually blindfolded.


Performance History

Pop Mantra #4 (Rain Down On Me)

Excerpt: "Rain down on me / From a great height" from Radiohead's Paranoid Android
Duration: 8 Hours
Where: Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, Asheville, North Carolina, US
When: 10am-6pm, September 14, 2012
Context: Performed blindfolded during the installation of a Buckminster Fuller show.
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Pop Mantra #3 (Tonight)

Excerpt: "tonight | wait, now" from The Ramones' I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
Duration: 6 Hours
Where: Over The Opening, Brooklyn, New York, US
When: 6pm-midnight, November 15, 2008
Context: Monthly time-based art event. Blindfolded wearing Converse All Stars.
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Pop Mantra #2 (I Lost Myself)

Excerpt: "for a minute there I lost myself" from Radiohead's Karma Police
Duration: 3 Hours, 10 minutes
Where: In front of The Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine, US
When: 5:30-8:40pm, May 10, 2008
Context: During and after the opening of a group show.
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5:30-35 pm

6:00-05 pm

6:30-38 pm

7:00-05 pm

7:30-35 pm

8:00-07 pm

8:30-35 pm
[video documentation by Christine Holecheck and Tina Zagyva]


Pop Mantra #1 (Ghost Horses)

Excerpt: "we ride tonight / ghost horses" from Radiohead's You And Whose Army
Duration: 4 Hours
Where: The Pilot Light, Knoxville, Tennessee, US
When: 6-10pm, May 2, 2008
Context: Part of the Transshift time-based new media art festival. I performed blindfolded on the stage of a bar. Photo Documentation: 1 * 2
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