datamoshed/databent video


Datamoshing is a way of glitching digital video. Databending is a way of glitching digital images. Here is an unglitched source video. here is a datamoshed/bent video created using excerpts from that same source video.

Here are two videos by the datamosh master, Takeshi Murata: monster movie * pink dot


Create a datamoshed/databent video that is at least 30 seconds long. Bake (export) your final video as a quicktime movie. You may shoot your own source footage, use footage from the interwebs, or combine both. Name your video yourlastname.mov and put it in the 330 google drive folder called "datamosh project."


In the 330 google drive folder, there is a folder called "datamosh tutorials." Download that folder. Instructions are in the .txt file contained within the folder.

Here is the latest version of the aviDemux software.

Here are some more datamoshing tutorials:
1. how to datamosh videos (tucker)
2. how to datamosh, in plain english (spurr-chen)
3. how to create compression artifacts [datamoshing] (menkman)
4. ultimate datamoshing guide (novak)

To download video files from youTube for use as source files, you can use 4k Downloader.

To databend an image file, just change its file suffix to .txt, open it in a text editor, mess up some of the code, save it, then change its file suffix back to whatever it originally was. Sometimes this works better than other times. To databend a video file, do the same thing, but it's trickier. We will discuss it in class.

Here are a bunch of databending resources. Here is a tutorial on application-sensitive databending [stallio] and another one on databending using audacity effects [questionsomething].

And, for fun, here is a tutorial on how to bitcrush video (in the style of animated gifs) [cates].

And/or use these tools/services:
goldmosh (goldstein)
aviGlitch [removes all i-frames] (ucnv)
ExtraFile (asendorf)
monglot (menkman/temkin)
glitch codec tutorial (briz)

Finally, here is a glitch manifesto [cloninger/briz] and some thoughts on glitch art [briz] to inspire you.

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