instructor: curt cloninger
email: curt at lab404 dot com
office: Owen 311 (office hours are online, by appointment)
location: university of north carolina asheville
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rough project calendar*
attendance and grading policies*
Sister Corita Kent's 10 rules*
logging into adobe software in the labs*

major assignments
non-linear project*
network project* (+ grant proposal)*

animated gif quilt
surreal quiz
generative bubblegum card
datamoshed/databent video
google image link collage
youTube triptych
xanadu hijack participation

Understanding Comics (mccloud)
Pause & Effect (meadows)

the first thing you need to know (cf: further details)
understanding the web as media: [outline* | presentation*] (cloninger)
net art, web art, online art, net.art* (brøgger)
ten myths of internet art* (ippolito)
world of ends* (searls/weinberger)
vademecum of digital art* (gratin.org)
links to internet art projects and resources (greene, compiler)
the wrong - new digital art biennale (curator: guillo)
net art anthology (rhizome)

mass media vs. art media* (magden)
writing with images* (dillon)

i can't stop thinking* (mccloud)
carl (mccloud)
when i am king (demian.5)

not comics
The Fall of the Site of Marsha (wittig/king/valicenti)
young-hae chang heavy industries (chang)
playdamage (cloninger)
prototype #19 (sodeoka)
micro-project: animated gif quilt

linear plot pyramid* (freytag)
3 non-linear "plot" structures* (meadows)
agency* [pdf] (murray)
Building Nonlinear Narratives for the Web* (akpem)
interaction and narrative lecture: interactive, storytelling, cross channel, user experience* (arnall)

michel gondry videos
come into my world
sugar water
the denial twist

hypertext literature
hypertext gardens* (bernstein)
victory garden [abridged] (moulthrop)
hyper hypertext* (saul)
grammatron (amerika)
hypertextual consciousness 1.0* (amerika)
clicking for godot* (rosenberg)
surreal quizzes
Jane Dark's Emotion Criteria Exam (marcus)
NODATA (donwood/radiohead)
The Will Power Clinic (szyhalski)
The 4th Replacement Search (elk)
micro-project: Surreal Quiz

hypermedia literature
my boyfriend came back from the war (lialina)
the hard way (ritchie)
world of awe: traveler's journey (kanarek)

expressive environments
reverse flash back (jimpunk)
the shy picture (reeders/macleod)

fugal narratives
superbad (benjamin)
the bad scary place (silver ladder)
plotfracture (cloninger)

generative texts
Hundred Thousand Billion Poems (queneau)
predictive art bot (maigret/roszkowska)
Names and Naming Tool Center (curator: noemata)
random name generator | abstract art titlegenerator (noemata)
Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator
wtf is my social media strategy
postmodernism generator

generative software
software structures (reas et al.)
CODeDOC (curator: paul)
time().mt_rand (noemata)
runme.org [software art repository]
mitchell whitelaw interview* (whitelaw/prudence)
Conceptual Art and Software Art: Notations, Algorithms and Codes* (dreher)
the aesthetics of generative code* (cox/mclean/ward)
the aesthetics of programming* (napier)
the nature of code* (shiffman)

fake generative
transCRYPTion (cloninger) [about the project (abrahams)]
seeing double (various artists)
on lying* (cloninger)

database as a symbolic form* [.rtf file. same as chapter 5, part 1 in Language of New Media] (manovich)
list of best tools + resources for learning data analysis, etc.* (manovich)
Semantic Web FAQs* (W3C)
synesthetic bubblegum cards (cloninger)
micro-project: Generative Bubblegum Card
i know where your cat lives (mundy)
bicycle built for 2,000 (koblin/massey)
visual complexity (curator: lima)

immersive art on the web* (samyn/galloway)
realtime art manifesto* (harvey/samyn)
world of world of warcraft (onion news network)
tale of tales (harvey/samyn)
samorost ( 1 * 2 * 3 ) / machinarium
purposefully futile gaming
the graveyard (harvey/samyn)
AI gaming
ELIZA (weizenbaum)
unity game engine | documentation | Three.js JSON Exporter
unreal engine

alternate reality (online/offline) narratives
how i was played by online caroline* (walker)
The Intsitute [trailer] (mcCall)
Game or Cult? The Alternate Reality of the Jejune Institute* (kiberd)
The Elsewhere Philatelic Society
The Eternal Internet Brotherhood/Sisterhood (plessas et al.)
meet in a nice restaurant (tosic et al.)
the gnu aesthetic (curator: cloninger)
nixi killick fashion
urban camoflage (keric/bayer) [also: tv segment | still images]
_DIGITAL DECAy: glitch architecture* [pdf] (haslop)
A Dark Journey Into A Killer's 'Personal Effects'* (hutchins/weisman)
geeks inadvertently making net art* (cloninger)
micro-project: datamoshed/databent video

net art diagrams: 1997 (mtaa) | 2003 (linkoln) | 2004 (linkoln/jimpunk) | 2007 (mtaa)
| 2008 (bewersdorf) | 2010 (cates) | 2011 [sic] (fino-radin) | 2015 (transcultures.be) | 2016 (leegte) | a brief history of the SNAD (mtaa)
an exploration of various directions in networked art projects* (weil)
introduction to net.art (1994-1999)* (bookchin/shulgin)
21 distinctive qualities of net.art* (ross)
aesthetic conditions of art on the network* (stalbaum)

compression artifacts (curator: citarella)
image objects (vierkant)
about the cloaque IRL project* (galperina)
novaScotia transCrytion Engines (cloninger)
seth price [cf: interview: the ever curious case of seth price* (price/bühler)]
the best group shows of 2013 (meta-curator: fluxo)
panther modern (curator: avedon)
Can Tumblr Sensation Brad Troemel Find Viral Success IRL?* (johnson)
the perils of post-internet art* (droitcour)
Manifesto for a Theory of the 'New Aesthetic'* (cloninger)

tactical consumption
oliver laric
surf clubs: spirit surfers | loshadka | double happiness | computers club
time-lapse homepage (slocum)
Collect the WWWorld: artist as archivist in the internet age (curator: quaranta)
art website sales contract .com (rozendaal)
google's greatest hits (cloninger)
influenced by google* (triangulation blog)
micro-project: google image link collage
micro-project: youTube triptych
of & to the databse* (south)
hacking vrs. defaults* (lonergan)
spirit surfing* (bewersdorf)
Commodify Your Consumption* [pdf] (cloninger)
The End of Us Versus Them* (troemel)

surreal capitalism
plantoid (okhaos)
a lossless fail (trecartin)
a tool to deceive and slaughter (larsen)
_MON3Y AS AN 3RRROR | MON3Y.US (curator: zaitsev)
NetVVorth (curator: temkin)
E N E R G Y : P A N G E A
FlowSpotSM (wilson)
Reign of Gold (thiel)

conceptual art as it relates to mtaa's art practice* (mtaa)
own, be owned, or remain invisible (bunting)
form art (shulgin)
Revelation 1.0 & 2.0 (tribe)
website unseen (mtaa)
shredder 1.0 (napier)
RIOT (napier)
beacon (thompson & craighead)
0100101110101101 works (mattes/mattes)
the xanadu hijack (cloninger)
micro-project: xanadu hijack participation

blackness for sale (obadike)
black people love us (peretti/peretti)
mouchette.org (mouchette)
concentric empathy (fahey)
traffic_report (cloninger et al.)
i love alaska (engelberts/plug) [cf: AOL search data scandal]
Best Flamewar Ever (stern)
the most wanted paintings on the web (komar and melamid)
From Post-Internet Art to Influencer Art to... Mystery Art* (davis)

the fluxus performance workbook [233K .pdf] (various artists)
1 year performance video [aka samHsiehUpdate] (MTAA)
reading club [click "EN" for English] (abrahams, guez, et al.)
learning to love you more (july/fletcher)
wirefire (harvey/samyn)
human browser (bruno)
wikipedia art (kildall/stern)
double blind [love] (abrahams/cloninger)
in Bb 2.0 (solomon)

From "Radical Software" to Netactivism* (dreher)
their tools, ur rules* [video talk] (briz)
face to facebook (cirio/ludovico) | [cnn essay]
vote auction (baumgartner/extrem)
adam harvey
avante garde - transfigured or dead* (maver)

why have there been no great net artits* (dietz)
something is wrong on the internet* (bridle)
a digital quilt project (cloninger et al.)
craiglistmirrors (oglander)
hardcore architecture (fischer)
the letter project (frank)
the million dollar home page (tew)

supplementary texts
archiving net art* (tribe)
curating on the web* (dietz)
Collecting New Media Art: Just Like Anything Else, Only Different* (dietz)
Challenges for a Ubiquitous Museum: Presenting and Preserving New Media* (paul)
fluidities and oppositions among curators, filter feeders, and future artists* (schleiner)
Lost in Translation. Or, bringing Net Art to another Place ? pardon, Context.* (quaranta)
Bibliography: Curating (New) Media and Internet-based Art (editors: ochrieser, kargl,thalmair)
internet art* (greene)
at the edge of art* (blais/ippolito)
new media art* (tribe/jana)
rethinking curating* (graham/cook)
neuromancer* (gibson)
expanded cinema* [4.6M .pdf] (youngblood)
jimmy corrigan (ware)
griffin & sabine trilogy (bantock)

the wrong | artPort (whitney) | I was raised on the internet (mca chicago) | electronic voice phenomena | Museum of Post Digital Cultures
turbulence | computer fine arts | link art center | net-art.org | thoma foundation | NetArt: Links (dreher)
transmediale | pixxelpoint | FILE | ISEA | electronic literature organization | ars electronica

furtherfield | CRUMB | rhizome
revolve | black mountain college museum + arts center | <terminal>
TRANSFER | tritriangle | babycastles | glasshouse | postmasters | microscope | reverse
arebyte | masters&servers | DAM | carroll/fletcher | Res. | galerie ampersand | ephemeral spaces | H3K | james black | nome | charlot | panke
third space network | ani gif | float | daft

how to actually learn any new programming concept*

some social media API specifications*
_playGnd (briz) | How To Make Interactive And Generative Animations Using WebGL* (briz)
photo to ascii text converter
flowchart/site map software
twine (for site maps and other things)
ExtraFile (asendorf)
processing.js (resig et al.)
Free Automatic Page Refresher
YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters*
generators and filters (stAllio!)

CSS Browser reset code (meyer)
an explanation of CSS Browser reset code (meyer)
CSS drop down menu code [view source]
list of supported HTML5/CSS3 features
HTML tags
CSS reference table
CSS3 transitions: property types and properties
CSS positioning 101 (stokes)
CSS Floats 101 (stokes)

howler.js (web audio javaScript library)
javascript image rollover code [view source]
create a javascript pop-up window
create and center a pop-up window
dragable elements script
lightbox 2
modernizr [browser feature detection]
jScroll [infinite scrolling]
codrops playground [experimental code tricks]

Web Video
Media formats for HTML audio and video
web video compression settings
Video on the Web (pilgrim)

Web Typography
google web fonts
CSS Font Stack
font squirrel

Responsive Design
Responsive Menu in Pure CSS
Responsive Web Design (marcotte)
robot or not * The Xanadu Hijack [responsive site examples]
Fluid Grids (marcotte)
Fluid Images (marcotte)
Creating a Mobile-First Responsive Web Design (frost)
The Picture Element Comes of Age (zeldman)
Responsive Images in Practice (portis)
viewport sizes
simulate phone browser in laptop browser (scroll down to "changing browser user agent")

my video tutorials and notes
full reset css template
basic css (pixel-based) template
basic css (em-based) template
xanadu hijack css (em-based)
2-column centered html template (jello layout)
2-column centered html template (jello/liquid layout - %-width sizing)
fully responsive (but not yet mobile-first)

class collabs

individual work
Maddie: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
Jay: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
David: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
Ray: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
Kayla: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
AJ: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
Max: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
Scott: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
Kilyne: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
Raul: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
Lydia: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
Aya: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
Jonathan: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network
Oliver: quiz | bubblegum card | nonlinear | triptych | network