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NM 490
Proseminar & Portfolio

Instructor: Curt Cloninger / curt at lab404 dot com

NM 490 has two (simultaneous) components:
1. Individual Project: Students will create an original art or design project using the media of their choice.
2. Portfolio: Students will develop a portfolio (web site or video reel) of completed projects. The portfolio will be geared toward professional work and/or graduate school contexts.

In the Individual Project component, students will work on a large-scale project in media of their choosing. Throughout the project's development, emphasis will be placed on the creative process itself. Students will be evaluated on their ability to: 1. execute, document, evaluate, and justify their decisions at given stages of the creative process; 2. give, receive, and act upon peer critique.

In the portfolio component, emphasis will be placed on effective visual communication, meaningful solutions, creative problem solving, and effective process. Critical analysis of student work is integral to this component.

The assignments in this class are time-intensive and require an average of 9 hours per week on the computer, either in a campus lab or on your own computer that contains the software used in the class. The co-requisite for this class is NM 438.

Student Learning Objectives
In this course you will:
  • Work individually to develop a large-scale new media project
  • Design, implement, and present a portfolio (web site or reel) of your work
  • Generate concepts based on research and intuition
  • Practice a historically accepted creative process
  • Improve technical software skills by creatively applying them to specific project constraints
  • Critique the work of your peers
  • Defend your creative decisions and respond to peer critique of your own work

Required Materials:
Bulldog email account -- check regularly
Student web hosting space (for posting work)
flash drive, notebook or sketchbook, graph paper, pencils, and pens

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